Joseph C. Furgal, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry
Center for Photochemical Science
Bowling Green State University

Office: 409 Physical Science Laboratory Building

Phone: 419-372-2658

Joseph Furgal Picture

Research areas

Photo-actuatable Hybrid Porous Systems


A main project area within our group looks at porous molecular sponges with photo-responsive shapechange components for efficient uptake and release of fluids and gases. This project also includes thedevelopment of remote device powering systems through RF energy transfer and conversion.

In the News: 

Light Controlled Silicone Synthesis


The second major project in our group focuses on the development of the light driven synthesis of silicon based materials such as sequence defined silicones and 3D printing methodologies with direct write Si-O bond formation. These techniques rely on photoactive alkoxysilanes. 

Programmed Degradation and Recycling of Silicones


This project focuses on the development of photosensitizers/photoreleasable fluorides for the light activated degradation of silicon containing materials. It is a collaboration project with Alexis Ostrowski at BGSU.